Welcome to the place that unleashes the power of the personal story!

Sue Hollingsworth

The Centre for Biographical Storytelling is a meeting place for all those who have the telling and eliciting of personal stories at the heart of their work and who are interested in this aspect of what it means to be human in the 21st century. Here you can find workshops, events and consultancy, as well as resources and contacts. The heart of the Centre is a worldwide community of organisations and individual practitioners who offer personal story skills and experience in the following areas:

• performance
• leadership and business presentations
• personal development
• community building and resilience
• family and ancestral relationships

Whoever you are, from a storytelling performer to a business or community leader, a social activist to a teacher, a private individual to a healer and more besides, here you can find a wealth of resources and contacts from all over the world to help you unleash the power of personal stories.

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