CBS Community: Registered Biographical Storytelling Individuals

Individuals can apply to join the CBS community of personal storytelling practitioners – download the application form here.

Applications are pending from individuals in the following countries.

The Netherlands
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom


Stella Kassimati teaches around the world in both Greek and English, including at The International School of Storytelling and Schumacher College, UK. Stella loves Greek myths; her workshops help us to connect with them today. She has a deep passion for biographical and autobiographical storytelling. She has co-developed a successful program called “Gifts from our Ancestors”, enabling adults to craft and publicly perform family tales with the goal of increasing empathy and creating community. She loves teaching the craft of the storyteller because it gives people a voice and empowers them to bring more of themselves into the world.

Working Languages: Greek, English

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The Netherlands

Michael Driebeek van der Ven

I love working with stories that really happened; that resonate dynamics, recognisable to every listener. I especially love ‘hidden stories’; those stories nobody in a family talks about. Sometimes it’s ‘the elephant in the room’ but more often they are out of sight and beyond awareness. These ‘hidden stories’ – even if we don’t want them to be or know them to be – often help shape how we look at life and how we perceive ourselves and the world. I help people voice out those stories.

Location: The Hague

Working Languages: Dutch, English

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