CBS Community: Registered Organisations

The Centre launched in association with 6 founding organisations from around the world, covering a wide range of what CBS offers.

Organisations can apply to join the CBS community by downloading the application form here.


Organisation: Friends of Amari
Location: Amari, Crete
Working Languages: English and Greek

Friends of Amari organises courses and facilitates workshops on biographical and autobiographical storytelling in Amari, Crete, Greece.  Amari is a small village on the foothills of Mt. Psiloriti, the highest mountain of Crete. The Valley of Amari is the boyhood playground of Zeus, king of the Greek gods. It offers a quiet, natural space close to nature, where one can go deeply into ones biography away from the many distractions of our busy lives.

Founding Member/s: Stella Kassimati

Facebook: Friends of Amari



Organisation: By the River
Location: Bangalore
Working Languages: English

At By the River, we use the power of personal storytelling for transformation work – both at an individual and team level. For individuals, through group learning and one-on-one coaching, we enable leaders to craft personal stories into leadership stories, and deliver them in a way that is both authentic and inspiring. At the team level, we offer The Story Mandala- where teams are guided through the experience of putting on their storyteller coats and rediscovering themselves and their colleagues through the sharing of their stories. The experience also triggers the creation of a culture of deep listening and empathy.

Founding Member/s: Vijji Chari and Madhu Shukla

Facebook page: By the River


The Netherlands

Organisation: DISC- Dutch International Storytelling Centre
Location: The Hague

Working Languages: English

No matter how big or small, it is important to mark the steps you’ve made in life and celebrate them.”, Michael’s grandfather often told him.
DISC believes that sharing those moments is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and others. And did you know that every memory in your life can be a great true life tale? Once you find it you can start to shape and polish it, and allow it to be of service to you and those around you. We will help you master the techniques you need.

Founding Member/s: Michael Driebeek van der Ven

Facebook page: DISC


South Africa

Organisation: Intuit Management Consulting
Location: Cape Town
Working Languages: English

INTUIT’s purpose is to shine a light on the potential within individuals, communities and organisations, journeying with them to unlock that potential in ways that bring about profound change. INTUIT works with leaders to discover their core leadership identity through exploring their personal stories. This enables them to lead from a place of authenticity and groundedness in their identity and gifting. As part of discovering organisational purpose and transforming organisational culture INTUIT also walks alongside executive teams to facilitate dialogue around the internal stories and narratives within their organisations. Together they challenge the possibilities and limitations within these stories to bring about transformational change.

Founding Member/s: Ruth Penfold-Chan




Organisation: Seiba International Storytelling Center
Location: Istanbul
Working Languages: Turkish, English, German

Seiba, founded in 2015, has the aim to spread the wisdom of stories in Turkey and in the world. As traditional stories, personal stories are mirrors to us so we can perceive and understand the life and our being in depth.

As Seiba, we have been organizing personal storytelling workshops facilitated by Sue Hollingsworth since two years. We also have two modules about biographical storytelling in our two-year certificate program designed for the those who want to be professional storytellers.

Founding Member/s: Nazlı Çevik Azazi, A. Senem Donatan, Şeyda Çevik

Facebook page: Seiba Storytelling


United Kingdom

Organisation: Centre for Narrative Leadership
Location: Kingscote, Gloucestershire
Working Languages: English

The Centre for Narrative Leadership was founded in December 2007 as a not-for-profit enterprise to create a community of people committed to developing the field of storytelling in organisations.

We hold regular gatherings to explore many aspects of this work, including personal stories. Our most recent events, “New Stories for Old?” in 2014, and “The Stories We Are” in 2016 focused on our capacity to explore and change the stories through which we create and recreate our sense of individual and collective identities

Founding Member/s: Geoff Mead, Sue Hollingsworth, Margaret Bishop