Dumpling Eyes

One Dumpling Eyes

Storytellers the world over have been telling stories all through the Covid 19 pandemic. The challenge of course, is always the same: which story is the right medicine at any given moment? At this time, as lockdown is being eased in many countries, here’s a short story from Taiwan: There was once a village nestled […]

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Students from the 3 week Personal Storytelling Course in Amari last October gazing into the flames

The Power of the Flame

Students from the 3 week Personal Storytelling Course in Amari last October gazing into the flames. When I was at school, I learnt that the discovery of fire was an importance step for human beings because it enabled us to keep warm, scare wild animals away at night and if we caught any, cook and […]

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Thank you St Nicholas!

Every year in The Netherlands, people celebrate the Festival of St Nicholas on December 6th. St Nicholas was originally a Bishop from Myra in Turkey, famous for his secret gift giving. It’s easy to see how he became so widely loved as Santa Claus which actually means Saint Nick. In the Netherlands from mid November right […]

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Cultivation of the Ordinary - Daisy virginia-lackinger-275900-unsplash

The Cultivation of the Ordinary

One afternoon last year I was sitting in a friend’s kitchen having a cup of tea. She has two children and a business that she runs from home. We had been catching up on our lives after not seeing each other for about a year and I was listening to her stories of the school […]

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Inside What Happened

I recently heard an illuminating reflection on the core work of telling a story from your own life. One of the biggest differences between telling a traditional story and telling a true one from your own life is that when you tell a traditional story, a lot of time is spent imagining the landscape, the characters, […]

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